Happy 213th Birthday Mary Shelley

Happy 213th Birthday Mary Shelley

On August 30th the Aurora Hills Branch Library will celebrate Frankenstein author Mary Shelley's 213th birthday!

Mary Shelley is best known for her gruesome and tragic tale about Victor Frankenstein's obsession with reanimating dead tissue and the horrible consequences that came from taking it a step too far. However she was a prolific female writer for her time producing, novels, short stories, essays, biographies, and plays. Arlington Public Libraries has many of her publications so check out a few and spend these last hazy days of summer enjoying the beautiful weather and reading a good book!

- Happy 84th Birthday Peggy Parish!
On Thursday, July 14 the Aurora Hills Librarians will celebrate the 84th birthday of children's author Peggy Parish! Everyone knows and loves the Amelia Bedelia stories, but did you know that she also published another series? The Liza, Bill, and...

- Happy 69th Birthday Steven Kellogg!
The Aurora Hills Branch Library celebrates the 69th birthday of Steven Kellogg - author of more than 90 children's titles - on Monday, Oct. 25. Kellog's signature drawing style and well-known characters are beloved by children all over the world....

- Happy 178th Birthday Louisa May Alcott!
On October 29th, the Aurora Hills Library will celebrate the birthday of novelist Louisa May Alcott who wrote the children's literature classic Little Women.  Little Women has influenced generations of young women and the Aurora Hills Librarian...

- "phantom Tollbooth" Author's 81st Birthday
Happy Birthday to Norton Juster! On Wednesday, June 2, the Aurora Hills Branch Library will mark the 81st birthday of architect, teacher, and author Norton Juster. Celebrate with us by reading his debut title, The Phantom Tollbooth, first published...

- Happy 151st Birthday Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!
Aurora Hills wishes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a happy birthday! On May 22 the Aurora Hills Branch Library will mark the famed author's 151st birthday! Everyone knows and loves Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson. But did you know that Sir...